A Reminder to Wisconsin Republican Supporter’s – Is Scott Walker The Best Choice for Wisconsin in 2018?


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To Wisconsin Republican voting populous, Does anyone find it incomprehensive that millions of dollars in dark money supporting Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Political Rise to Power – State and National – (Obviously dethroned from the national stage) yet Scottie is reported to have outstanding campaign debts in the neighborhood of one million dollars? Uhm!!!

Uhm…An acronym for “upcoming horror movie” – American Politics is Dirty Business. Or, Uhm…A reminder to Wisconsin Republican voters, Please do not cast a vote for Scott Walker ever again.

The American political arena is in a swirling dirty mess where politicians closet skeletons haunt voting citizens choices and decisions of whom to vote for in the 2016 Presidential Election. Wisconsin republican voters need reminding that Governor Scott Walker was weeded out early from this presidential campaigning season. I ponder the question, did republicans on the national stage of politics determine Scottie’s dirty laundry was beyond…

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Black American Fathers Hold Your Heads High – Above All the Lies – We Doing A Fine Job Rasing Our Children

I am a proud, loving, and responsible father like many unspoken Black fathers living in America. We outnumber Black males / men that do not participate in their children lives 7 to 3 in this oppressive society. So why are the Liberal / Democrats in the society spreading a massive lie that Black males / men do not raise, or participate their children lives? Perhaps (Click link,  5 Lies We Should Stop Telling About Black Fatherhood  ) Liberals in the society, motivation has to do with the continuance of Federal funding poverty programs – Liberals mostly oversee and administrate in our society- than telling the whole truth of this matter – Black Fatherhood – to avoid tackling the root of 30 million Americans that live in poverty.
I raised four boys in Milwaukee WI. 53206 zip code area., supposedly the worst zip code area in Wisconsin to rear Black boys. I and their mother did not lose one of them to the mean streets of American urban living. Today all of them are living productive / positives adult lives. I’m not being braggadocious because so did other unspoken Black Fathers do the same in the lives of their children.
L>ife has many arduous rigors but what makes it overwhelmingly rewarding is the human capability of choice and self-determination.The choice between what’s good / positive and what’s wrong / negative.
The Black American experience and struggle is not about a zip code area, it’s about the good you / we take out of a poor environment. The Black American experience is about turning a bad situation / environment into a positive situation for you and your family.
Have we gone astray Black Fathers? I beg to differ!
We are on point as Fathers are concerned and judging from national data concerning the matter other people / races in the society should be taking lessons from our untold Fatherhood, see… http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nhsr/nhsr071.pdf
TM 09/2016.

Too,Too Many American Police Have Become Murder Happy in the American Society

The American media has instaurated a half-truth narrative about cop shootings in the society. Mounting data reveals too many American police display antisocial murderous behavior when encountering American citizens, especially in events where police shoot and kill mercifully unarmed American citizens regardless of the citizen race yet the news media concentrates its reporting when cops kill unarmed Black males not when police kill unarmed White males in the society.

Perhaps the Black community screams louder (Touche Brothers and Sisters) than the White community when they see video coverage showing unarm Black men shot and killed by White male police like their mad dogs running through the streets. Yet the raw data reveal police shoot and kill White male citizens as often as they kill Black male citizens in our society.

This flip-flop double standard in national media coverage appears directly targeted at Black citizens to incite protest and marches so news reporters with camera footage can supply evening news commentators something to talk about on the evening news that will hopefully for them, result in an increase viewership on evening broadcast and morning newsstands across the country (I believe a simple reason for this observation might incite people controlling the news media and more importantly what the American public views on television begin to tell the whole truth of this business, cops killing unarmed American citizens).

Why is this America?

Also, I observe this flip-flop double standard is a systematic design. Designed to directly incite America’s historical racial divide between Black and White Americans and keep them (All of US) from joining forces – as many White Americans – joined Blacks (MLK) in the 60’s civil rights protest. Common Americans of all races, creeds, and ethnic groups need to question critically our political leadership: Who or what the consistent racial divide benefit(s) in America?

I surely believe more White Americans would join side by side with Black Americans screams, appeals, and protest for justice and accountability imposed on police authority and government oversight investigating policing practice in our society if the whole truth was revealed in the land on the evening news but that would be too much like racial harmony in America – I’m sure!

Raw criminal data reveals the whole truth regarding cops killing an estimated 509 citizens so far this year in 2016, and last year (2015) ended with a total of 909 according to the Washington Post, see chart below. chartoftheday_5211_us_citizens_killed_by_police_2016_nThe data reveals it really doesn’t matter the race of the victims that catches a bullet fired from these happy go lucky blue uniform murders service weapons. Aren’t cops sworn to protect and served the public not shoot and kill then make up a justifiable reason that fits the Supreme Law of the Land that gives all sworn American law officer the “right to use deadly force.”

It’s time the Executive Office and Congress push the Supreme Court to repeal or amend the Supreme Court Order which gives American law enforcement officer the right to use deadly force against unarmed citizens whenever they get a notion to kill any citizen simply because in too many incidents the involved police evidently experienced an unjustified fear for their life might be in danger of loss when encountering unarmed American citizens that in hindsight revealed the citizen actually and rationally pose no incidental threat to their lives while the cop was carrying out their sworn duties to protect and serve the public.

Black History Check September 13th, 2016

Energy flows one of two ways – positive or negative, yin and yang, right or wrong, creative or destructive and lastly it transforms yet never dies. These are universal laws of the nature of everything that exist in and on our planet, in the nature of man and woman, and in the entire known universe. Humanity witnesses ordained universal order with our limited sight and other human senses but today with high power scopes and mechanical probes man launches into space to transmit images and information back to men, on earth. It is now a certainty energy is ever flowing in many directions and in the manner of directions and transformations man does not yet completely understand.

Therefore, it is with the Black and White problem that humanity common and unlearned masses unknowingly have witnessed natural human energy redirected by a societal institution. Namely “racism.” which by wicked design,

dredscottportrait_0***The Dred Scott Case / Decision
targets directly Black men and women to limit if not destroy their humanity, and secondly, to place societal limitations on Black people upward and advance social mobility within the borders of the United States. Racism is designed specifically, by White male leadership to reduce if not eliminate Black persons in control of social institutions that govern, inform, maintain, and entertain the greater White society.

All men are ordained with intelligent, hands, and feet to activate the natural law: “Force times distance equals work.” The problem within the Black race on our planet the past 1000 years is that our leadership let the White race define and control human societal realities and by human machination control the activation of the above mention natural law.

Black people all over the planet are now a free people like the majority of other races and people on this planet but other races with their many ethnic groups naturally and innately maintain their sense and respect for race identity.

Black people by a wicked systematic conditioning of Blacks collective mindset process social relationships with self, others, and events by a massive ongoing misinformation campaign guided by deceptions, which causes mental blockage of the importance of race unity within all the group and individual roles in the American society.

The Black man and woman as a group in the American society continues to deny the importance of race identity only to appease the White power social structure here in the United States and throughout the emerging global community. Couple with ignoring the natural human trait called “race pride,” Black people remain cut off from applying it to control our group input and output in the societies we live which if we did, would enhance our competitiveness to control societal material resources, providing our human basic needs (food, clothing and shelter), and human brain power. Regardless of what society we reside in.

Instead, the Black race allows other men (The White race) to control and dictate our reality or life experience, presently filled with oppression, racism, discrimination, and despair.

Black people, we have the keys (power / energy) to unlock and break down the doors and cages of oppression and despair that inflict too large a population of the Black race. The keys are unity with self, kind, and knowledge of other races, ethnic groups, and the purpose of religion – rightfully known as ways of life or living.

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Black People – It’s Time To Wake Up

If you don’t learn or don’t know your “race history,” dealings with other races especially those that have historical facts of being THE enemy of your particular race. You and your future children are doom to repeat the negative events in your race past history with the enemy and his/her future children e.g. Jewish people teach and educate their children “Never Again,” so not to repeat their sufferings at the hands of an enemy.

Black people on the other hand all over the planet have freely permitted their “children-and-future-children’s” to be educated and learned by the people / race that has a bonafide history of oppressing and murdering their race kindred the past 2000 years.

This is a sad reality concerning today’s Black man, woman, and child. The below-posted meme exposes the mental overall state of blindness, deafness, and dumbfounded social awareness of Black people across the planet.

It’s long overdue for the Black man, woman, and child to wake-up from this living nightmare and it is a certainty the White race and its many ethnic groups and religious dogmas are not responsible for waking our people up from the nightmare.


How long will you allow White people dog mentality to bite you Black peopleblack-and-white-face

The Next Frontier for Humanity – Spiritual / Energy Concepts for Living.

Black people and all people on the planet must embrace true and righteous spirituality for humanity next evolutionary leap, I contend, is “Spiritual Development,” not by religious dogma’s, and practices that evidently have trapped and stagnated human development in the realms of beastie like behaviors.

The reality that human energy is the main and “shared” commonality of human existence, must be the focus in all human events and development on earth for man to truly, evolve to human perfection but sadly, it is not because hidden wick wise men and woman control the thinking and beliefs systems of massive human populations on our planet. These wickedly wise people have to be, revealed then exposed for what they are “WICKED,” for humanity to be freed, from their slave making powers.

Sharing my understanding and comprehension, of the web of madness and confusion gives me power over my existence living in this era of human madness. Like others that also see and realize the wicked web exist, we do not have the power nor influence over the masses to wake them up to the reality of human existence de-evolution and stagnation, which the wickedly wise masterfully manipulate to enjoy life abundant resources – food, clothing, and shelter – natural and fabricate

The first process of exposure will only come into existence once all common people erase all thinking and belief systems that divide’s the natural commonalities of this life that all humans share.

Energy is one commonality and the source manifested in the human body to give existence to our human forms through a female womb when she conceives the seed of man. This energy takes many forms in the universe and here on earth. We witness this universal cause and effect / law, every day of life on this planet. The connection between energy and the human spirit are one in the same in this natural law of cause in effect must be part of the learning process of every child that enters / born into this world.

Humanity overall must develop the spiritual will to control our material existence for the good of all living souls then by the order of time, shed human beastie mentality – “Survival of the Fittest” – which is presently innate in all humans not just the wickedly-wise.

Spiritual thoughts / thinking are higher insights in all matters of social events and discourse that inspire me personally and reinforces my learned personal insights, shared opinions, worldview, and spirituality. Human Energy torus3-600

Those with an open top eye must stay on the path of self-spiritual development. And constantly be aware there are other’s on spiritual paths “unseemly” linked together in the higher realms of understanding what we call life that expose the wick social web designed by the wickedly-wise (Spider(s) so to speak to the mind of the unlearned.), which sits at the center of the web often but most times hides their faces in the vacuum hole of institutional bureaucracy.

Message to the Black Man and Woman on the Planet Earth

Black man and woman, you make little sense in your group denial of the White race at the top ranks of rulership of our now global society. You need to start knowing for a certainty White people not by chance, nor by manifest destiny as claimed are in control of the major institutions of the American society simply because they are covertly unified based on race.

The races with their sovereign nations, China and Japan compete very well against European Nations internationally on an equity playing field do so, because these two particular Nation and races of people have never been dominate nor colonized by White Western Powers. India and its people the third nation of people compete well against Western Powers because Great Britain removed its systematic oppression through colonialism completely during humanity evolution leap into the industrialization age by giving India and it’s people almost a full and complete autonomy in ruling their native nation and most importantly it’s land resources. Any social oppression going on in India is by the hands of its ruling people same as in Japan and China and other Eastern nations with rulership autonomy from White Western Powers.

Please do not confuse non- White nations autonomy with perhaps on based economically and politically alliances with Russia, America (Super Powers) and the various other European Nations.

Of course, one might be thinking at this point in my observation about the many Black nations on the African continent that have autonomy / sovereignty from White Western Powers.

Well, Africa, nations are indeed sovereign nations with one hindering clause in their nation’s declaration of independence – they all are bound by ‘restitution clauses’ or reparations paid to White European nations under the guise of “sovereignty taxes” to their former colonizer. This reverse form of reparations to former oppressors of Black people is active for 100 to 150 years from the dates of their pseudo-independence. Name one Black African nation that went to war to earn its independence from its particular former colonizer?

Please! people, do not be confused by North African Nations recent development in the advancement of human civilizations known by the world today as the “Middle East -Nations. These so-called Middle East Nations (Formally known as North Africa Nations) are ruled by White African or Arab people. Arab or Arabian people are not ‘race’ but a political race title that separates so-called Arabs / native White African men and women from the history of the Black man and woman on this planet.

And more importantly from the once hidden human development in the cradle of civilization which is the African continent ruled thousands of years ago by Black people that look like you and me. I will let you discover (if you don’t already know) the other major factor that separates White Africans from Black Africans on the African continent.

The Black man and woman living today and tomorrow must recognize the power and influence of “race prided” (found in other race of people) in everyday politics for us as a people to unite together to gain and harness our dormant group political power that White Americans and White people overall harness and control to strengthen their political parties and ideologies presence in the world today.

We as a people will never control our political power by underestimating ( Or as many falsely do not believe, ‘White people don’t have the world on lockdown,’ and the power of White Supremacy and its control does not have the power persuasion over our group (Black Americans) thinking.

Look at like this…White Supremacy is comparable to the boxing talents of belated Muhammad Ali facing an opponent (You for instance) about to get in the ring with him and fight for his heavyweight championship belt. Ali in his prime had professional heavyweight boxing on “lockdown.” When you enter that ring THINKING HE DOESN’T you will be knocked out in less than 20 seconds because you underestimated Ali boxing power and strength. So it is with White Supremacy. We must harness and utilize the tool of ‘race pride’ just like White people and our Chinese and Japanese Brothers and Sisters, even though they do not socially accentuate race pride it remains a part of their culture not destroy by foreign invaders.

Far too many Black people in high positions of leadership underestimate race group thinking influence on advancing groups competitiveness with other groups and races . You say, “they beat politics out of us.” Well, you and others are mistaken with that line of reasoning! I and other aware Black people ON THIS PLANET say, “They beat race pride out of us.”

One clear and decisive event that supports my race analysis with conclusions occurred during our fight for civil rights in this country. White America was forced by national media coverage televising around the world America innate racism and civil mistreatment of Black Americans which forced America to submit to partial demands of the civil rights movement / protest to adding “second class” civil rights for all Black Americans in the US Constitution.

But on the other hand of Black Americans struggling for real Black Power, White America actively and openly destroy our race / group advancements across this nation struggle for true and real Black Power, not second class recognition… YOU DIG IT  MY BROTHERS and SISTER’S, I LOVE YOU ALL.