The Black American Social Crisis Today…A Brief Outline

No Black man or woman today with power and influence nor even a companionate White man or woman of the same resolution can undo the massive social ill conditions that cause people to disrespect a human life other than their own but in regards to Black Americans suffering disproportionately the social ills of poverty and crime compared to other races in the society today.
First, Black men and women did not create, do not administrate nor maintain the poverty and crime conditions in America. It’s up to the dominate White race in the society which controls the American society overall to correct or eliminate the many social ills in the society that directly and indirectly affect everyone in the society – White, Black, Brown, and all others.
In the middle of the above outlined social spectrum, I often defined as The Black and White Problem in America, too many Black Americans – 1/3 our total population of 50 million are uneducated – not even having attained high school diplomas. Obviously, the educational institutions responsible for administering proper education have limited regards to properly educated unfortunate Black students which perhaps is complicated by the parents of this group not instilling in their children the importance of attaining a K-12 education undeniably exacerbates the Black American group experiences and struggles.
What the overall society are witnessing today in too many Black communities is the lack of “Black Leadership Group-Wise Thinking,” in civic and race responsibility to lead Black Americans to higher attainments in the American society coupled with the many Black parents lacking the knowledge of proper child development and understanding the role “group thinking” plays in the everyday life of Americans desires to attain money, friendship, and good homes.
Comparison; Other people/races/ethnic groups from around the world will risk their lives to come to America and become American citizens and when they complete that achievement it advances their group more easily in our society. Simply because they remain “united” with their own kind while integrating and navigating within the American society.
On the other hand, Black Americans as a group in the American society have yet to figure how to harness the Power of Race and Ethnic Unity to establish group-thinking to compete with other races and ethnic groups for the limited resources of the American Society. Black Americans are a disadvantaged group by numbers compared to the dominate numbers of White Americans but we overwhelmingly permit other races/groups of people to dictate and control our group resources input and output in the American society from providing food, clothing, and shelter to the overall responsibility of educating our children young minds.
Black Americans, group wise, we as a group can be compared to a headless runner in a race running on knees unable to utilize arms, legs, and feet while other runners have a head that propels their arms, legs, and feet to cross the finish line that is the American dream.
Black Americans we must attach the Head of Unity to the greater body of our shared experiences and struggles to compete for the control of our group equitable share of the fulfilling and life-giving resources in this American Society. We as a people in this American society must overcome the outside and inside dividing lines that perpetuate our disunity which is responsible for much of today’s disproportionate social ills affecting our group in the American society.
It is up to US – Black Americans to wake up from our present days American Nightmare.

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