The Presidential Appointment of Donald Trump What it Means to This Black man…

BLACK HISTORY CHECK…February 03, 2017

White America finally elected a Corporate Fox, Greedy Fat Cat, Master in The Art of Tricknology or Machiavellian Ideologist (Two Faces) as the President of theses United States. And the so-called Leader of the Free World.

President Trump and his hidden handlers are slicker than ‘Tricky Dicky Richard Nixon,’ which was exposed or caught with his hand in the master cookie jar yet his hidden handlers were never exposed.

We as a people must not forget White America regards all Black American citizens as the #1 “Undesirables,” in these United States. Of course, too, too many of us reject this fact willingly and for the most part unknowingly about our history living or surviving within this society of hateful people.

I know for a certainty it’s my soulful and spiritual duty as a wide awake Black man to constantly act as a reminding voice to Black people the true reality of our group / race “Social Conditional Citizenship,” with limited written protections as amended or added to the US Constitution written by the so-called White male Founding Fathers of the American way of life.

Black America in essence of attainable knowledge are grossly miseducated (Including Common White Americans)  socially, culturally, and spiritually less the act of human kindness by our handlers the American Institution of Neo-Slavery also known as Corporate America which secretly controls and directs the American way of life and society at large, TM 02/2017

pit1  TO    black-and-white-face


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