I’m Proud to be a Black American – And Don’t Get it Twisted White America – Can’t No Racist Take That From Me…

There are 52 or more Nations on the African continent. Yes, indeed one of the 52, Black Americans by blood and race are descendants thereof.

Regardless of what African tribe our force parents were taken or sold into captivity from the political truth of a person nationality, is not determine by race, it is determined by the Nation they were birth.Too many Black Americans choose to deny the fact they are indeed naturalized Americans Citizens. On the other hand, many other nationalities and races in the world will risk their lives and family member lives to become American citizens.

I don’t know about others but regardless of the institution of racism and societal oppression heaped disproportionately on Black folk, I’m proud to be Black American…that is the essences of the Black American experience and struggles.

We are determined and full of resilience by a collective mind that we have not harnessed properly. This massive failure by Black American Leadership is not White Americans responsibility to teach us to unify around Black people shared experiences and more importantlyMe_FB_Profile(2) race identity.

By all measure determining the health and growth rate of a group population, Black Americans numbers should be less than the so-called Native (Red Man) population.

We as a people are endowed with human rights, dignity, and honor that will eventually make America and the total society bout down and honor our citizenship but first we must honor and respect ourselves and one another much greater than we presently do not.


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