Black History Check September 13th, 2016

Energy flows one of two ways – positive or negative, yin and yang, right or wrong, creative or destructive and lastly it transforms yet never dies. These are universal laws of the nature of everything that exist in and on our planet, in the nature of man and woman, and in the entire known universe. Humanity witnesses ordained universal order with our limited sight and other human senses but today with high power scopes and mechanical probes man launches into space to transmit images and information back to men, on earth. It is now a certainty energy is ever flowing in many directions and in the manner of directions and transformations man does not yet completely understand.

Therefore, it is with the Black and White problem that humanity common and unlearned masses unknowingly have witnessed natural human energy redirected by a societal institution. Namely “racism.” which by wicked design,

dredscottportrait_0***The Dred Scott Case / Decision
targets directly Black men and women to limit if not destroy their humanity, and secondly, to place societal limitations on Black people upward and advance social mobility within the borders of the United States. Racism is designed specifically, by White male leadership to reduce if not eliminate Black persons in control of social institutions that govern, inform, maintain, and entertain the greater White society.

All men are ordained with intelligent, hands, and feet to activate the natural law: “Force times distance equals work.” The problem within the Black race on our planet the past 1000 years is that our leadership let the White race define and control human societal realities and by human machination control the activation of the above mention natural law.

Black people all over the planet are now a free people like the majority of other races and people on this planet but other races with their many ethnic groups naturally and innately maintain their sense and respect for race identity.

Black people by a wicked systematic conditioning of Blacks collective mindset process social relationships with self, others, and events by a massive ongoing misinformation campaign guided by deceptions, which causes mental blockage of the importance of race unity within all the group and individual roles in the American society.

The Black man and woman as a group in the American society continues to deny the importance of race identity only to appease the White power social structure here in the United States and throughout the emerging global community. Couple with ignoring the natural human trait called “race pride,” Black people remain cut off from applying it to control our group input and output in the societies we live which if we did, would enhance our competitiveness to control societal material resources, providing our human basic needs (food, clothing and shelter), and human brain power. Regardless of what society we reside in.

Instead, the Black race allows other men (The White race) to control and dictate our reality or life experience, presently filled with oppression, racism, discrimination, and despair.

Black people, we have the keys (power / energy) to unlock and break down the doors and cages of oppression and despair that inflict too large a population of the Black race. The keys are unity with self, kind, and knowledge of other races, ethnic groups, and the purpose of religion – rightfully known as ways of life or living.

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