Black People Need a Mega Dose of Race Pride

Look today at Boko Haram and the dope boy’s down the street in a neighborhood close to all of us. On the other hand, the Rwandan Genocide, which was a genocidal mass slaughter of Tutsi and moderate Hutu in Rwanda by members of the Hutu majority.

Too many socially consciously aware and more important “educated” Black Americans got the race game twisted. Too many of us consider ourselves first African Americans then Black, if that. All humanity is capable of violence, and murder against each other regardless of race or creed. I for one do not believe and have learned inward righteousness is not subscribe only to the Black man and woman of the human family.

Even though we are the Fathers and Mothers of the human species on this planet it is a great responsibility for us today being the living descendants of the “Original People of the Planet Earth,” to practice the best moral and social unity with one another. Therefore, to be shining examples to the worlds of men and women of the perfection of humanity that is yet to exist in the history of humankind.

Simply stated, if we (Black Americans) cannot treat each other with respect and love, which is not defined by referring to one another as “my nigga” and we share the same 500-year violent oppression and aggression from a people (White people) bent on our group suppression in their societies – makes all our Black awareness nothing! Moreover, will continue to fall in death e.g. Malcolm X and Marcus Mosiah Garvey work dead! In addition, with them gone the Black race struggle to be a truly independent people similar and like our Chinese Brothers and Sister’s.

We can do it, Black peoples! Have true productive and progressive UNITY as a race of people. We must understand the power and force of “Race Pride.” The White race  understand the spiritual force of race pride that dwells in all humanity and this is the force White supremacy utilizes to keep control over the Black race thereby limiting Black power and influence in human affairs in our modern world.


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