I say to Humanity – Do not hold your breath in the false belief that “Black People” reparation for the enslavement of their past generations will not be paid to the descendants of Black slaves. What most common, unlearned, and more importantly, unenlightened people do not realize is that the wealth accumulated by Great Britain and the United States from enslaving Black people in Africa, and the Americas and surrounding Islands cannot be exhausted in a mere 400 years, if one understand how “compound interest accumulates,” when payments are placed in escrow accounts.

These two Nations and others that participated in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and with the US manner of “breeding” its’ enslaved – Black captives compounds the established 4000-year-old interest rate 10% (I calculate). Because in which the manner by which the US continued its development or Nation building for 300 years reducing the Black man and women to the level of beast is a grave crime in the sight of the unseen force and power that governs humanity existence. Compounded by after the fact Great Britain the world ruler during these troubled times abolished its slave practiced then disrupted and abolished the Trans-Atlantic Slaved routes to the Americas. America the future Great Nation – continue its bestial practice of human slavery.

There exist by way of “Divine Providence” (Do not get spooky on me readers) the authoritative and empirical Godly (Force and Power) principle “Recompense and Restitution.” The divine agreement appears written, and documented in the Christian and Muslim Holy Books.

This truth isn’t authorized to teach Black people here in America, Africa, nor the diaspora. Black people following both these organized religions are kept “spiritually,” blind, death, and dumb of this Divine written agreement (Other than the NOI that is given the divine duty to pronounce this White Supremacy acknowledgment to the world of men, in spite of it hidden, yet reveal).

An untold debt is due to the Black Race living descendants of former slaves. The debt held in escrow (Believing it not does not make it untrue). The untold reparation amount that will not break the backs or drain the financial nor land resources of White Supremacy is being calculated, but a problem exist between the holders of this escrow account and it is – Why reparation and compensation cannot be paid, but until White Supremacy ends or is near the ended?

In addition, I suggest that the time or era is fast approaching when the decision will reach its conclusion.

In conclusion, the payment cannot even be considered honestly and sincerely because Black people as an identifiable race do not accept their own nor act like themselves and being in this state of ignorance the release of reparations to the Black Race presently will only prolong White Supremacy rule over the world.

I do not believe I (59 yrs.) will live to see that time, but my posterity will that I have insured. If I by chance a living descendant of former Black slaves lives to see that great and glorious day I with a great number more like me will be called “The Fortunate Ones.”


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