Black History Check Welcomes Rachel Dolezal

Black America would you agree it is no more sickening than an entire society teaching its children that rabbits lay eggs once a year or Santa Claus brings “good” children toys once a year and get this…by way of flying reindeer? Well, do not dwell on that question too long. Please continue reading…                                                                                                           If you accept, a once famous jock lived his entire life believing he was living a lie as a man then decides to come out from under his lie and undergo sex change operation to look like a woman then why is it so hard to accept a “busted” transracial individual such as Rachel Dolezal sincerity in her identity choice. dolezal_150616.nbcnews-fp-360-200I mean I’m trying to understand why too many Black Americans refuse to comprehend this White woman desires to socially, physically and spiritually live as a Black person.

Is it somewhere in the Black American psyche we cannot imagine “anyone” desiring to be BLACK IN AMERICA?

I am definitely certain I was taught Black is beautiful. I was taught the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice.

I sincerely believe the Black woman is the unsung standard of beauty in this world. What is the problem Black America?

Really, whom has she harm? Her husband appears devoted in love with her. Her adopted children remain by her side.

What laws has Rachel broken? Where can I find the Ethics in Racial Standard Manual many of you condemning her act as though you are upholding?

The last persons or groups attempting such a doctrine was Hitler’s Nazi Germany and the KKK organization. Oh, do not forget American good old fashion racism “one drop rule.”

Think about it Black America?

More than likely the criticism against Rachel will get worst. Rachel actually exposes our society false liberal pretenses with the Black and White problem here in America.

America is saying its fine for Black people desiring to look White e.g. blonde wigs, weave extensions, bleaching skin, perming hair, pressing hair with hot irons etc., etc., but NOOOO not a White woman shifting her race identity to a Black person.

Moreover, it is more sickening to this Black man that so many Black Americans do not understand the race game.


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