Milwaukee Black Community Ignored in Surrounding Development (SHOW ME THE MONEY) of New Arena…And Beat Down Black Milwaukeans Continues in this U.S City


Milwaukee Natural Goom“County Executive Chris Abele offers the billionaire owners of the Bucks 10 acres of prime downtown county land worth an est. $9 million dollars for $1.00” (Based on the billionaires “envisioned” investments of $400 million surrounding development of the new arena over the next 11 years or more).

It is a win; win for these billionaires not the taxpayers!

Let us see if I understand this correctly, Billionaires pay $1 for 10 acres of public owned land then they find, or have other developers to pay them (billionaire new owners) upwards of $400 million dollars to build on the previously owned taxpayers land. Somebody please enlighten me if I am in the parking lot (not the arena) watching this game.

All my life I have looked for the secret to turn dirt into gold. Well, I fully understand now, how billionaires become billionaires. Share a vision of turning dirt on…

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