Partial List Containing Solutions to The Black and White Problem

I have been shouting this reality against the onslaught of liberal missionary’s misinformation campaigns against the Black Family for decades. This report reveals data gather from the Center Disease Control, that debunks the liberal myth of the Absent Black Father.

Liberals over use of a “Black Child’s Face,” is deliberate to attract private contributions, federal and state (taxpayers) grant dollars ($$$) purportedly to lessen the impact of poverty in our society cripples Black Americans from unifying like other racial groups in the society.

Liberals in effect have partially cripple the developing souls of many young Black Americans growing into adulthood from proper self-development and their identity. Conservatives on the other hand are antagonist to liberal issues, but they too have contributed to liberal propaganda fueling mention stereotypes about the Black family.

The solutions are simple for Black America to combat this particular issue designed to remove Black fathers from our families:

  • Black America must remove itself from participation in both political ideologies.
  • Black America must develop and organize their own political party within America’s political arena.
  • Black America must take control of the social narrative of the Black American experience.
  • Black America must stop supporting all societal mechanism designed biases that limit our overall group growth and communities growth, e.g. Black on Black crime is a reality but so is White on White crime, Crime in America is an American problem, not a sole Black problem.
  • Black people must wage resistance against crime in Black communities to eliminate the stereotype “American crime = A Black face.
  • Black America must, it must take over the role of educating Black youth in this society!
  • America’s public education systems controlled by White liberals / conservatives have historically undereducated Black youth going on a century and one half.

Black America destiny has always been in the hands of Black America the past 150 years but we as a group give control of our destiny to America’s’ White liberal politicians and private thinkers…TAKE BACK CONTROL BLACK AMERICA


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