BLACK HISTORY CHECK…Why is it we never hear, read, or see public display honoring Dr. Carter G. Woodson during so-called Black History Month?


Dr. Woodson was a prophetic social scientist of his day full of wisdom from a “realist perspective.” Regarding purposeful academic guidance with social directives specifically interpreted to solve all Black Americans aspirations and needs to succeed in America’s competitive race base society. Moreover, he foretold degenerative social indicators that will arise in Black communities in America if Black Educators and Professionals did not control education of our children and commerce in our communities.

Todays educated lettered: Black–Doctorate, MBA’s. BA’s of Education, Business, Politics, Medicine, Science, Religions, and including, Nationally recognized Black Entertainers, Community Advocates and Organizations truly reflect and have fulfilled the theme message found in the book “The Miseducation of the Negro.”

Most condemning today in terms of the subject matters found in the book ‘The Miseducation of the Negro,’ are the Black higher educated men and women graduates from so-called Black colleges and institutions. They have for the most part abandoned the Black communities that groomed them to tackle and overcome societal base-line oppressions.

If Black Americans was ever charged “officially” for participation in the social and family destruction of our group / race members lack of unity in the American society, Dr. Carter G. Woodson (along with well-known others) written words and group advocacy would be used by prosecutors, as the “smoking gun,” convicting the majority of people in our group.

Our cloaked shame is a result of our race overwhelming ill social conditions. This shame and lack of group empowerment has proven allied with America’s White racist society long-standing devious efforts to prevent and destroy any humane, social, and civic efforts by “Black Leaders” past and present, attempting collectively unify Black Americans into one common core consisting of Race Preservation, Proper Identity, and Social Success within the American Society.

For us as a people / race competing for limited resources in our society with other races and groups, “We” must close ranks racially by forming or instituting a new shift in our social consciousness that demands respect and levels negotiation within all institutional fields. This ultimately will benefit the total society in real terms of improved race relations and is the only solution to Americas Black and White problem that is inwardly tearing this country apart.

America must let Black Americans take the lead in solving our family and particular social problems without interference from its White members that believe Black unity is a threat to American patriotism or conservative and liberal political ideologies.

Dr. Carter G. Woodson humanely innate ideals and beliefs are not exclusive from any other race of people in the American society or our planet for that matter. On the contrary, all other races excluding the Black race practice and uphold race identity, self-determination, pride, and autonomy.


4 thoughts on “BLACK HISTORY CHECK…Why is it we never hear, read, or see public display honoring Dr. Carter G. Woodson during so-called Black History Month?

  1. I am glad to see that you use Dr. DuBois “Close Ranks” in your remarks. Of Carter has been ignored. When asked why he always ahd such a stern look on his face, he replied: “Black History is no laughing matter.”

    In 1986 I wrote the poem “I Can” which renamed Black people Afr-i–can Amer-i-can. And, not unlike Dr. Woodson, I too have been ignored, though my creation is virtually universal.


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    • I must admit I personally have not read much of Dr. Dubois author literary works like “The Souls of Black Folk,” other than that finding “The Philadelphia Negro; A Social Study (1899), the first case study of a black community in the United States.” which I study and used as authoritative citations in a number of college essays I wrote. My use of the term “closing ranks” in this case of Dr. Dubois is simply accidental I assure you. Thank you for informing me though it makes me think I have something in common with one of Black America’s greatest freedom fighter to have lived. It is indeed an honor to correspond with you based on what you have shared (mention poem I Can) which for certain did pass through my ears and eye sight years ago (1987) while living on the east coast (Hartford CT.). Brother stay safe and healthy during these trouble times. Also thanks for the feedback…


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