BLACK HISTORY CHECK…So You Believe You’re An African American?

Let’s take for an example the skin complexion of our beloved Freedom Fighter / Abolitionist Frederick Douglass. frederick_douglass_loc_collodion_c1865-80 Mr. Douglass was born a “Mulatto slave,” in 1818. His slave mother was of the Black Race. His father was the slave master, a White man belonging to the White Race. Yet his skin complexion confuses many Black Americans of Mr. Douglass race origin. Simply because they’re confused about their own. The root of this cultural 21st Century racial identity crisis began during the late 1400’s to mid 1500’s. Whereas millions of Black men, women and children from the continent called Africa were, kidnapped, sold and purchased by White men for enslavement on the North and South American continent and its surrounding Islands.

Many of the descendants of x Black slaves here in the America’s today refuse to accept their true racial identity. Due to the dominate White male (People) slave master mixing his seed with his enslaved Black women(s) for a period of four hundred years (estimate). Therefore changing the natural dark skin complexion (Black) of the native people of the continent called Africa to what is witness today in lighter skin tones known as light brown tones or close to White people skin complexions. White people once label the children of mix races as, Mulattos. A person of mixed white and black ancestry, especially a person with one white and one black parent.”  A new race of people in their view adopted during the White race conquest over the darker (than them) people on the planet.

Technically speaking in terms of “Race,” and the associated scientific class (divisive) in human race terminologies; There is no race called African (PERIOD). Likewise there is no race called European. Too many Black Americans mistakenly referred to themselves / race group as African-Americans.

The continent called Africa never unified as a Nation in “real” geopolitical terms e.g. United States of America is a Nation. Africa never unified as a Nation like others such as Europe, Russia, China. So-called Africa development into Nationhood by its native people, was thwarted by European invasions of its lands and people. Back in history when Black people exclusively dominated and ruled the many countries and lands on the so-called African Continent long before the White Race knew it existed. Our race was dis-united like other races during that age but we in particularly and collectively speaking, possibly did not posses the mental concept of which existed in other races of people, “continental domination by the native people of their land based on advancing the Black race.”

Now that I have humbly with the best of my elementary thinking set the ground for thinking correctly in race terms, lets accept who and what we truly are in terms of Race and Nationality.

If you were not born in any of the various countries on the said continent you technically are not that. All that being said, viewing ones Race v Nationality;

RACE = Black, Red, Brown, Yellow, White

NATIONALITY = Any of the 196 countries that are construe as ones nationality if such, that person was a legalized born citizens. or naturalized adopted immigrant .

Black people living and born in the United States of America please accept who and what you truly are!

Even the U.S of America painstakingly play along with the descendants of its x slaves present day identity crisis, e.g. Notice on all its socio-demographic data collections forms (Applications / Information gathering tools) in the race categories, you always find exclusively one box for White people. One box for Black “or” African-American. Ask yourself why the choice is given to Black people and not White people? Answer… The American society with all its institutions plays along with our group / race confusion, purposely or inadvertently, keeps us as a Race of People in a perpetual mental state of disunity and identity crisis.

It’s just that simple Black Americans / People.


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