Regarding Congresswoman Maxine Waters Past Support of Gangsta Rap Music…I stand Corrected


In the past I mistakenly believe Congresswoman Maxine Water’s during the mid 90’s was an advocate “against” rap music exploitative and derogatory lyrics which the past two decades have label “Gangsta Rap.” Today after researching more into the subject, I found I was wrong rather Congresswoman Maxine Waters came to the “defense” of the Rap Music industry. Aligning herself and political status with Russel Simon crusade denouncing legal attempts to censor the rap music industry, see link… 

Let it be known I stand corrected. Congresswoman Maxine Waters did in fact lend her powerful political position before to support Gangsta Rap artist, 1st Amendment Rights.

Regardless if rap artist lyrics subtle and indirect intent was to trigger self-destructive thinking in the minds of its listeners and fan base. Rep. Maxine Waters did not care about the coming future generation of youth socially exposed to uncensored degenerative lyrics backed by musical…

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