Politics is tricky business and the Fox News Network is a great and powerful divisive advocate against human rights for all members of humanity…

Both Rev Al Sharpton and Sheriff David Clark live dedicated lives. Sharpton to the belief in Christian values and civil rights non-violent advocacy to force society to see equal human value in all regardless of race, creed, and gender. Clark is a top law man. An outlaw or criminal, and abusers of civic life, worst nightmares–getting caught by the law. Obviously the only thing politically the two of them have in common is their dark skin and Black men carrying out their lives in public view of a greater society which hates dark skin people and especially targets Black men to reduce socially perceived manhood and reduce their public influence over the greater White majority in the American society.

A rational conscience aware Black man or woman thinking outside emotions comparing these two Black men lives side by side might realize the bigger tragedy. In regards to the Black American Experience that is–in the past 6000 years–there has never been a united Black race experience. Historically speaking, we as a Race did not set sails in the great race between Races on Earth. We have been participants used and abused by other Races on the planet that cast their sails to unite in shared common causes of all sorts.

For example during our enslaved fore fathers and mothers captivity there were semi – free Blacks living in this land while the greatest enslaved. What a dilemma for those semi-free Blacks (Est. 1.5 million by 1860) living in the mist of White society them realizing in their minds how powerless they really were.

I ask why did they stay (in whole numbers) here in America? Did they have the attitude “I got mine you get yours.” They literally had to have documentation declaring they were freemen on their persons at all times but we realize today like many of them back then, a white man is not bound to respect the human rights of any Black person in this American society then and it seems even today. So really what’s more important to us as a race of people to just say we live too, we breathe air too, we raise families too, we have love ones too, we believe in God too, we love America too, we die and fight for America too, so with all that in mind, why don’t America love us too?

Black men and women with public statuses comparable with Rev. Al Sharpton and Sheriff David Clark are worthy of respect from rational minds less emotions that is, because regardless of their politics they both are Black men fighting the good fight regardless of either one’s public non-commitment appearance to a united Black race.

I ask what is Fox News Network real agenda in regards to advocating human and civil rights for Black Americans by instigating division between Black American leadership?

The Black conscious aware among us are divided within our cause(s) and advocacy also for the true liberation and independence of our race free from White aggression on our planet. This is also tragic and a major dilemma preventing a real united front against White aggression. Many make attacks on who or what we perceive is constantly preventing Black people from uniting whether they are in Black skin or White skin. Is it just me? Did I get it wrong during my life time of Black conscious awareness advocating most of all for Black pride, re-education, do for self, knowledge of self and other’s? Well I at least realize the Black conscious narrative is now diluted and off its track. Who or what is at fault has not been written or spoken about lately. Ours should have remained base on unifying those who listen to the call of unity with self and kind.

We are just divided as Rev Al and Sheriff Clark political advocacy made to appear by Fox News Network’s political agenda. When actually both their advocacy spawn from the same source of human rights advocacy encompassing freedom, justice and equality. I know for a certainty Black men the likes of President Obama, Rev. Al Sharpton, nor Top Sheriff David Clark roles are responsible for our miserable condition in the chain of human events on this planet.

Rev Al Sharpton life time human rights advocacy and Sheriff David Clark life time law enforcement profession are both worthy and necessary causes to keep / check humans innate bestial nature. Anyone or anything dividing the equal necessity of both, is truly an enemy of, conspirator (even people not knowing) against the “Divine Province,” of human rights for all men, women and children on our Earth.


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