Has the Social Security Trust Fund Become “The Greatest Ponzi Scheme of all Times”

I believe the purpose of government is to institute decisions that govern a society conflicts, allocate benefits and privileges and most of all maintain order and provide security for its citizens which we endowed to our elected representatives. In my opinion (academically speaking), politics is appropriately viewed… “The process of resolving conflicts and deciding “who gets what, when, and how. More specifically, politics is the struggle over power or influence within organizations or informal groups that can grant or withhold benefits or privileges,” Harold Lasswell, 1936.

Hum… Now that’s a scary thought in the case of the government operating the Social Security Trust Fund. Will it continue to grant or withhold benefits and privileges to tax paying contributors in the not so distance future?

The management of the Social Security Trust Fund (SSTF) and the government allocations of those funds / benefits and privileges is skewed by past and present “party politics” with both parties equally responsible for the gross mismanagement of American citizens / taxpayers contributions to the Social Security Trust Fund.

Of course, no politician on either side of the isle has publicly stated bluntly, charges of government mismanaging the SSTF. Today’s politics appear to agree that if business remains as usual something drastically has to change the skewness or future “probability distribution” of citizens trusted funds (tax dollars contributions) to insure future solvency of the Social Security Trust Fund.

The Social Security Act obviously has been diluted and sifted from President Roosevelt original proposal to the 79th Congress, called the “Economic Security Bill.” In spite of the original proposal it is a historical social landmark in the advancement of humanity caring for its elderly citizens. But some leaders in congress appear to desire a roll back in the hand of time to a period ungracious of being human. Lower in equal to four legged creatures on the planet. It’s time for truth, and face the consequences of Government mismanaging the SSTF.

The Social Security Trust Fund has outstanding IOU’s on the books that are in default, probably never to be repaid. Why? Because our government in its management borrow from the trillions of dollars collected from the millions of tax payers payrolls deposited into the SSTF, to finance our big government rather now this present day refuse to pay back with interest monies borrow annually during budget crunch times.

How did this happen to a trust fund established by our government for its hard working retired citizens as a safety net to ward off poverty during old age. The government we trust and pledge allegiance as children and adults through-out this country to support with our very lives life for liberty and freedom . But now face with the reality that our hard earned contribution may not be there when we retire or we may have to put off retirement until we are older than 65- 67 until 70-75 years of age. Yet still the possibility loons overhead that business will continue as usual stealing money from the trust fund under the guise of IOU’s. This money is real and tangible put in trust of our government by hundreds of millions of working American since 1935.

Are we to think our government is no better a money manager than Bernard Madoff. The convicted Ponzi Scheme King of today? His investors trusted him based on his reputation as a wise and competent money manager, similar to our government reputation backed by U.S. Constitutional Laws that orders America to pay its bills on time. It turns out Madoff investors are deemed gullible and unrealistic to believe Madoff would deliver on his word to grow their monies under his management.

What about the citizens of America? Are we like those Madoff investors that knew of others who received returns on their investments in the past? Don’t we all have retired parents, love ones, friends and associates receiving or received Social Security payments (return on their investments over the years)? Are we the next shameful mass of investors labeled, gullible and duped out of their funds by a money hungry monster?

Well, we have time to avoid the blame game of “blaming the victim.” Will we sit idly by in watch our President, Congressional Leaders, State and Local elected politicians play the blame game right before our eyes, while both parties dip and dab have their hands in the Social Security Trust Fund, leaving IOU’s?


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