Some people say that America’s covert arm supports/arms Islamist militants/radicals around the world, even invented the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda. I’ m confused and yet intrigued with this line of thinking…”America invents terror org. and supplies weapons to terror org’s to destabilize govt around the world then these govt under attack by terror org., solicits and request the U.S. and other western powers for military assistant to combat the terror org., covertly created by the U.S.. Then the U.S. grants the govt military aid, weapons and training to their forces.” Does that make sense to anyone else?

On the other hand, America and European powers past devious deeds and relations with other races and nations justify possibilities of America “Hidden Hand” in creating mischief around the world to destabilize other govt internal affairs so that govt with limited military and financial resources becomes dependent on western powers aide and global influence.

I believe if America ever cleaned up her pasted history of violating the human rights of her own citizens and changed the miserable social conditions that exist in America today then possibly America’s so-called fight against terrorism would not be subjected to the scrutiny and distrust it receives for the “war on terror.”



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