The Black and White Problem A Condemnation of America

This observer opinion is race matters in the American society and Racism is alive and well. Contrary to the main stream opinion in the American society which dictates social norms and taboos through the entertainment industry, media, political/politicians, and education proclaiming otherwise. These social institutions do in fact determined and portray American citizenry social status . The belief that somehow now in America’s history that racism evaporated from the fabric of the society is a hoax. More important it is a covenant or aggregated plot to continue the systematic practices of racism. In other words, a covert plot to perpetually confine the children of American X slaves as a social class of degenerates classified to support the past and present economic foundation in America.

For instance, the various studies and reports conducted about the social condition and circumstances facing Black people living in Milwaukee, WI, compared to Whites and Hispanics living in the city between 1991 and 2012. The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Center for Economic Development has published more than 43 such reports and studies over the past two decades. The most recent released, January, 2012 entitled

“Race and Male Employment in the Wake of the Great Recession: Black Male Employment Rates in Milwaukee and the Nation’s Largest Metro Areas, by Marc V. Levine.

Mr. Levine report unclokes racism and discrimination (Disparity” is the new politically correct substitute word or term used when studying the social environmental effects of systematic racism against Black Americans living in America… Muhammad) in employment against Black males, 16-64 working ages living in Milwaukee. It is a comparative study using employment census data over the past 40 years that bears witness to a “meltdown,” (see report) in employment opportunities for Black males. According to Levine, the report further finds that the incarceration rate for Black males is increasing and has increased by an alarming rate when compared to Whites and Hispanics in Milwaukee during the last decade… Levine states, “An average 5,000 working age black males have been incarcerated annually in Milwaukee since the early 2000s, a growing number for non-violent drug offenses. These are 5,000 men annually, not employed, but not counted in official unemployment statistics, as they are not in the active labor force. A fact rich in symbolism and a telling indicator of the social and economic crisis facing Milwaukee: more Milwaukee African American males were admitted to Wisconsin correctional facilities in an average year in the 2000s than were employed at the end of the decade as production workers in factories in the city of Milwaukee (Levine, P. 8).”

Ruth Zubrensky published a report in July, 1999 entitled, “A REPORT ON PAST DISCRIMINATION AGAINST AFRICAN-AMERICANS IN MILWAUKEE, 1835-1999″ The report unveils a pattern of discrimination active now in January 2012. “History has handed down the name of the first Black man to arrive in Milwaukee in 1835. His name was Joe Oliver. Although he was a popular figure he was nickname “Nigger Joe” already a demeaning and humiliating epithet. He worked for two years as a cook for Solomon Juneau, Milwaukee’s first mayor when Milwaukee was only a small trading post (Zubrensky, 1999).

Zubrensky’s book is a hard find on the internet, but worth the effort to view realistic and documented proof of a 176 year old covenant that was established to subjugate Milwaukee’s Black community. (To locate locally check the Milwaukee Public Library System).

It is an undeniable fact when studying social variables negative affect on Black America the true implications of so-called disparity reports and studies show aggregated proof  racism is a microcosm in the social structure of America.

In other words, America’s mythical great social experiment is performing by design. It appears systematic racism practically has destroyed the children of American x slaves by social degrees compared to the living standards of White America. And in doing so America has crippled her past, present, and future standing as a civilized society in the eyes of God and Humanity.


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