It is What it Is

My opinions, comments, and reports draw from my personal life experiences living as a Black man here in America.   Reader’s may think I am a racist, divider of common causes all people share in the broader society. My intentions are not to incite divisions that already exist in the social and political spectrum of life for a Black man living in America, but to open needed dialogue between the races and expose black thought, or perspective to a broader audience.

I AM A WATCHER OF HUMANITY…When the scales of the dissatisfied out weight the scales of falsehood the people will rise up in opposition against whom, or whatever they perceive the oppressor. On the other hand, wick powers/people are ready to crush organized marches and protests they consider revolting. If only the masses would turn towards righteousness. The ills of this world would disappear taking power from those who rule by deceit and trickery.

Righteous conduct practiced by men sacrificing desires to own the things of this world for the greater good of one’s brother and stranger. Is power that will revolve the miserable condition of man, women, and child on this planet. Most all religions of the world are corrupt by the power of doctrine that sways their followers. A six lane road built down the straight path of man, which is righteousness. Man is drunken with all manners of sin and non-productive behavior.

I write to usher in a righteous world. But I also realize, darkness must be dispelled by righteous men and women working together to build and grow a righteous humanity. That dispel darkness from the minds of the people / masses. Only time knows the circumstances that will usher in the light of truth into the minds of humanity.

I write and wait for that glorious day.


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