Reponse to “The Secret Meeting that Changed Rap Music and Destroyed a Generation”

This story is similar to the Willie Lynch letter. The author of this remains anonymous, so did the author of the Willie Lynch letter. This news mystery letter also does not name names of attendees of the purported secret meeting to manipulate Hip-Hop music to influence masses of Black youth to engage in street gangs and street crimes. Thereby increasing the Nation’s prison population. So did the Willie Lynch Letter excluded naming the attendees of the infamous meeting that purported designed a mass mind control practices for plantation slave owners institute of controlling Black slaves which would have residual effects on future Black descendants in a state of perpetually divided from the broad society, fearful of white people, and worst of all, disunified as a race of people in the American society for a 1000 years.

Unfortunately for the lack of verifiable facts an authoritative body can not act judicially on complicit hearsay disclosures, even if the desire is honorable in reversing the unprecedented and extreme numbers of Black youth / men incarcerated since 1991, paralleling the increase in private-prison and growth of the industry. The anonymous writer who states he was presence at this conspiratorial meeting does ‘us” a dis-service by adding fuel (no facts) to the spiralling downward chaotic situation in too many Black communities with yet another mystery letter. Too many unlearned souls can not digest nor understand fully the purpose of secretive disclosures which oftentimes are crumbs placed in view by conspirators to distract from conspirators true intent.

Yet it is obvious of the high state of criminality in our communities which Rap music glorifies then fuels primarily young black youth misguided egos. This letter like the “Willie Lynch Letter” ignores the main root causes which are individuals caught in crime lack; righteous conduct and thinking, and accountability for self-serving actions involving criminal thinking eventually leads to prison incarceration.

Instead of reporter losing his business composure that would have resulted in being ejected from said meeting or worst permanently silenced this so-call anonymous person would have better served our struggle for justice by acting like the “Spook Who Sat by The Door,” or Martin Luther King favorite song “Go Tell it On The Mountain.”

What’s stated, in this newsletter is false hindsight deduction, or an observatory hypothesis based on today’s reality with the past two decades compilation of statistical crime information about increase prison populations, which are indeed, facts we must deal with rationally in the face of odds stack against reversing / reducing crime in the American society.

One of the main purposes of the Million Man March was to bring national attention to the problems and causes of Black on Black crime and the climbing high incarceration rate of our black youth imprisonment in the growing prison complexes across America.

So to the anonymous writer, Thanks, but we already know who and what is the enemy capabilities are and its manifestation through systemic oppression that distracts our people from self-development. The masses of humanity are in a state of perpetual mental slavery not just Black people either. Those who do not know among us do not want to know the faces behind the hidden realities controlling the world we all live in.

Tony Muhammad


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