Is Johnny Thomas “Guility by Association”

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It appears to this observer Thomas may possibly been coached into this bribery affair by Farley. He did in fact ask Farley if he handle these things before. Also, the complaint (page 3.8) infers irrelevant parts of the conversation are left out. My question is, “Irrelevant to whom?”

It is not quite clear to me that Thomas realized the implications of the meeting with Farley until after he returned to his office at the Milwaukee County Courthouse. The complaint states on page 7.17 (an unrecorded conversation).

•             Farley states: Thomas visited his office after the sting operation held at Dunkin Donut for the reason about why the supposedly campaign donation made in cash and not a check. Thomas at this point appears to have realized the possible bribery implications that could follow from taking unregistered cash donations in a private setting.

My questions surrounding this diabolical situation involving Thomas are:

1) Why was Thomas suspected by Farley?

2) What evidence did he share with Adele about his suspicions of Thomas supposedly unethical behavior?

3) Who or what does not approve of Thomas running for the City Comptroller elected post?

These question posed have merit and deserve answers to have a clear picture to decide if Thomas is truly guilty of a crime.

5) Is it simply guilt by association, or manifestation of the inner workings of day-to-day corrupt politics, in exchange of public service through so-called corporate lobbying.

The clear gaps in this conversation between Thomas and Farley described in the DA complaint points to a hidden motive by an actor(s) other than Farley. Farley appears  an operative for another group other than the Democratic establishment, which endorsed Thomas for the elected post of City Comptroller. Farley at this point seemly has single-handedly taken down Thomas.


New evidence surfaces surrounding the Johnny Thomas bribery case. See link..


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