The Black American Social Crisis Today…A Brief Outline

No Black man or woman today with power and influence nor even a companionate White man or woman of the same resolution can undo the massive social ill conditions that cause people to disrespect a human life other than their own but in regards to Black Americans suffering disproportionately the social ills of poverty and crime compared to other races in the society today.
First, Black men and women did not create, do not administrate nor maintain the poverty and crime conditions in America. It’s up to the dominate White race in the society which controls the American society overall to correct or eliminate the many social ills in the society that directly and indirectly affect everyone in the society – White, Black, Brown, and all others.
In the middle of the above outlined social spectrum, I often defined as The Black and White Problem in America, too many Black Americans – 1/3 our total population of 50 million are uneducated – not even having attained high school diplomas. Obviously, the educational institutions responsible for administering proper education have limited regards to properly educated unfortunate Black students which perhaps is complicated by the parents of this group not instilling in their children the importance of attaining a K-12 education undeniably exacerbates the Black American group experiences and struggles.
What the overall society are witnessing today in too many Black communities is the lack of “Black Leadership Group-Wise Thinking,” in civic and race responsibility to lead Black Americans to higher attainments in the American society coupled with the many Black parents lacking the knowledge of proper child development and understanding the role “group thinking” plays in the everyday life of Americans desires to attain money, friendship, and good homes.
Comparison; Other people/races/ethnic groups from around the world will risk their lives to come to America and become American citizens and when they complete that achievement it advances their group more easily in our society. Simply because they remain “united” with their own kind while integrating and navigating within the American society.
On the other hand, Black Americans as a group in the American society have yet to figure how to harness the Power of Race and Ethnic Unity to establish group-thinking to compete with other races and ethnic groups for the limited resources of the American Society. Black Americans are a disadvantaged group by numbers compared to the dominate numbers of White Americans but we overwhelmingly permit other races/groups of people to dictate and control our group resources input and output in the American society from providing food, clothing, and shelter to the overall responsibility of educating our children young minds.
Black Americans, group wise, we as a group can be compared to a headless runner in a race running on knees unable to utilize arms, legs, and feet while other runners have a head that propels their arms, legs, and feet to cross the finish line that is the American dream.
Black Americans we must attach the Head of Unity to the greater body of our shared experiences and struggles to compete for the control of our group equitable share of the fulfilling and life-giving resources in this American Society. We as a people in this American society must overcome the outside and inside dividing lines that perpetuate our disunity which is responsible for much of today’s disproportionate social ills affecting our group in the American society.
It is up to US – Black Americans to wake up from our present days American Nightmare.

The Presidential Appointment of Donald Trump What it Means to This Black man…

BLACK HISTORY CHECK…February 03, 2017

White America finally elected a Corporate Fox, Greedy Fat Cat, Master in The Art of Tricknology or Machiavellian Ideologist (Two Faces) as the President of theses United States. And the so-called Leader of the Free World.

President Trump and his hidden handlers are slicker than ‘Tricky Dicky Richard Nixon,’ which was exposed or caught with his hand in the master cookie jar yet his hidden handlers were never exposed.

We as a people must not forget White America regards all Black American citizens as the #1 “Undesirables,” in these United States. Of course, too, too many of us reject this fact willingly and for the most part unknowingly about our history living or surviving within this society of hateful people.

I know for a certainty it’s my soulful and spiritual duty as a wide awake Black man to constantly act as a reminding voice to Black people the true reality of our group / race “Social Conditional Citizenship,” with limited written protections as amended or added to the US Constitution written by the so-called White male Founding Fathers of the American way of life.

Black America in essence of attainable knowledge are grossly miseducated (Including Common White Americans)  socially, culturally, and spiritually less the act of human kindness by our handlers the American Institution of Neo-Slavery also known as Corporate America which secretly controls and directs the American way of life and society at large, TM 02/2017

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I’m Proud to be a Black American – And Don’t Get it Twisted White America – Can’t No Racist Take That From Me…

There are 52 or more Nations on the African continent. Yes, indeed one of the 52, Black Americans by blood and race are descendants thereof.

Regardless of what African tribe our force parents were taken or sold into captivity from the political truth of a person nationality, is not determine by race, it is determined by the Nation they were birth.Too many Black Americans choose to deny the fact they are indeed naturalized Americans Citizens. On the other hand, many other nationalities and races in the world will risk their lives and family member lives to become American citizens.

I don’t know about others but regardless of the institution of racism and societal oppression heaped disproportionately on Black folk, I’m proud to be Black American…that is the essences of the Black American experience and struggles.

We are determined and full of resilience by a collective mind that we have not harnessed properly. This massive failure by Black American Leadership is not White Americans responsibility to teach us to unify around Black people shared experiences and more importantlyMe_FB_Profile(2) race identity.

By all measure determining the health and growth rate of a group population, Black Americans numbers should be less than the so-called Native (Red Man) population.

We as a people are endowed with human rights, dignity, and honor that will eventually make America and the total society bout down and honor our citizenship but first we must honor and respect ourselves and one another much greater than we presently do not.


Donald Trump America’s Great White Hope Defeats Hillary Clinton An Unprepared Contender

Donald Trump rise in American politics is a sign of dissatisfied “Common Joe & Jane,” White Americans outrage against the gross political corruption dwelling in the halls of American governance and too many elected politicians beholding to Corporate America, not American Citizens.

Culturally speaking, White America “silent majority” was and remains “outraged” (2008 through 2012) due to the American Liberal Machine mobilizing its base supporters – White and Black – successfully electing the first Black American President – Barrack Hussein Obama. The “Silent Majority,” lead by Donald Trump, declared in resounding essence, Never Again -code phrase meaning, Let’s Make America Great Again. Oh, by the way, Hillary Clinton presidential campaign from the start was cast in false hope doomed to failure running against President Elect Donald Trump.

The American Liberal and Conservative media industry ignored the reality that Donald Trump political ascension in American politics and the Oval Office is the result of the birth of the 2007-8 Tea Party” which historically infer revolution or to revolt against tyrannical and oppressive governance. The Tea Party successfully challenged pre-2008 republican politicians then and since then have successfully voted out many old guard republican politicians in Federal and States seats of power leading up to the 2016 Presidential race.

Historically speaking, regarding the White race political awareness, whenever, Common White people, societal dissatisfaction cohesively connects what follows is the ushering of political and cultural change. A new political head emerges e.g. Donald Trump or a new religious order with emerging new leaders that will articulate the group thinking of the common masses dissatisfaction. Gaining the admiration of the mob provides power and force, to say a Donald Trump, political ambitions and magnified by human greed to attain personal wealth. Whether new, old, or crypto-political articulations “Mob Dissatisfaction,” has the power and force within it to tip or eliminate any established order governing a society.

Elitist White males are masterfully skilled in the art of manipulating common people cultures, thinking, political perspectives, and worldview points. Elite humans watch constantly over the masses of common people for new emerging and organized parties they do not control then they the Elite design a social construct that satisfies yet hinders common people group thinking and unity that would bridge them together regardless of race and religion. When a majority of people in any given race or group population develops into classic mob mentality in a society. The mob is eventually, taken over and guided onward by hidden hands through appointed leaders from the Elite class. These appointed leaders become advocates for political change by issuing conceivable threats to the “powers that be,” as recorded history reveals oftentimes leading to revolt.

Promises to fulfill basic human needs are powerful and forceful political voices / tools ushering in change or shifts in human development, if left unchecked by the controlling Elite class, the voices of change causes established political leadership confusion that eventually may lead to the removal of elected leadership from seats of political power, the rise of the Tea Party achieved this result.

Donald Trump cleverly used American racism mob mentality to project his controversial rise to the Oval Office. With the help of American mainstream televised news networks daily reporting, similar to cult followers, Donald Trump presidential campaign for 18 long months. Obviously, now observers can see clearly that American mainstreamed news networks worked in synchronicity not to objectively vet Donald Trump every word and actions designed to harness and ride racism, hate, fear, and White Americans dissatisfaction for President Obama into the White House. The American Liberal Machine, mocking campaign against Donald Trump was ill from the start of the 2016 Presidential Election season.

Liberal and Conservative gatekeepers televised nightly the human horror of racism to tens of millions American homes for five years with no regards or intent meaningful purpose. These five years could have possibly reduced the scourge of racism in the American society if that was the intent but it was not. What Americans viewed in the society was design to incite White American Privilege. By massive televised manipulations that empowered the mob, that supports Donald Trump. The Liberal / Democratic machine failed to shame Trump and his supporters while Conservative / Republican machine went into a crypto-political stance that covertly supported Donald Trump’s “divide and conquer,” Presidential campaign.

Common White people learned fears and learned hatred against American undesirable citizens e.g. Black Americans are used as a political tool by powerful and influential White males to maintain rulership positions in the American society.

Racism is not a behavior that is innate in the human species it is a social construct found in every American Institution of influence in our society, covertly designed to keep White people (Men or Women) in the majority seats of power. Recorded history will look back at this 2016 election season and the previous four to five years leading up to it with the resounding conclusion – American racism was willfully allowed to flourish in public view in our society leading up to and during President Obama two-term presidency.

The ugly head of racism went unchecked by the “Three Branches of American Government.” These branches of government are endow with supreme authority to guide all citizens and citizen groups into the written spirit of the American Constitution – supposedly. I must point out by observation these branches of government historically have not ensured freedom, justice, and equality for all American citizens in its past or present day America.

Racism ugly head (The America Way of Life) has risen from the micro-social shadows in our society due to liberal politicians and powerful liberal think tanks that masterfully ushered into history President Obama Administration.

The Republican Party, on the other hand, made a grave error in the GOP Party when in late 2008 it publically denounced President Obama’s winning the election then announced it would obstruct the presidency and administration of President Obama. Republican obstructionism in Washington D.C and across the nation in State Capitols was simply the result of American Racism undercurrent role in the society that supports American White privilege.

Liberal / Democrat politicians and the so-called liberal news media e.g. CNN, MSNBC, outlets would not call a spade a spade which in turn allowed American racism to gain steam in the society the past eight years. Well, common Joe and Jane White Americans are equally sheepish as common Black Americans but the difference is White Americans will support and back their chosen leadership to voice their group’s dissatisfaction e.g. KKK, Nazism, Skinheads, White Militiamen, Conservative White male Elite’s with Sarah Palin all rolled up in the culmination of President-elect Donald Trump.

In my humble opinion, A Donald Trump presidency might possibly be Americas first elected dictator style presidency. Trump promised White male and female supporters previously dissatisfied with a Black man and his family residing eight years in America’s White House, that his administration, “Will Make America Great Again.”

Black History Check (Where is my Money America?) January 1, 2017

“Reparations and Restitution,” paid and ensure to the many living descendants of American Black slaves that still resiliently endure life under the Institution of American Racism, TM.


Black Americans are not formerly taught that before the Revolution War thousands of White and Red Slaves worked alongside Black Slaves in the 13 Colonies and other territories Westward in North America.

After the R.W. was won by the 13 Colonies all White slaves were declared free in the land and given back their human right of self-preservation and determination.

This is the point in American past history where racism became a societal building block institutionalized across the American society and within all governmental State’s powers.

The Institution of American Racism remains and will continue as an American Institution into the future unless the American Government corrects this long-standing horror of human injustice against many Black Americans. By delivering institutionalize “Reparations and Restitution,” to the many living descendants of American Black slaves that still resiliently endure life under the Institution of American Racism, TM.

To: The American Federal Government and its three…

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Nate Parker ‘Birth of A Nation’ Is Not Just Another Slave Movie

Nate Parker ‘Birth of A Nation,’ is not just another slave movie…


I stand corrected, the “Movie Birth of A Nation,” by Actor and Director Nate Parker, It is not “just another slave movie.” Though I, personally remain critical of the title because it tags and reminds the present racist White society of the 1915 White racist silent epic movie Birth of A Nation (originally titled the Clansman) which glamorized America’s Jim Crow Laws which still influence today’s national racist viewpoint which today still limits and discourages Black Americans collective participation in the American society – this racist heart beat continues today…dredscottportrait_0

Nate Parker reasons for usurping the title – Birth of A Nation – remains an open question to me though after viewing the movie at a local cinema house I have self-rationalized possible supportive reasons why Nate Parker titled his movie creation the same.

Nate Parker, ‘Birth of A Nation’ revealed the mental awakening of the historical Nat Turner mental development and…

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Is Black Lives Matter Movement a Grand Scheme From Outside the 416 years Black American Struggle?


Black History Check…Has the #blacklivesmatter movement “usurped” the Black Liberation Movement? I believe so what are your thoughts Black America?

Furthermore, taking talking points from black lives matter movement officially recognized website – – reveals the movement co-founders are three “admittedly,” Queer (by their definition) Black women, Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi, and Patrisse Cullors. The three women shared motivations are outlined to established power and influence in the Feminist / Gay / Transgender communities (new millennium social movements) which have successfully gained power and influence in all, American social institutions.

Black Americans, are we to believe three powerless Black women transformed the 461 years Black American Liberation Experiences and Struggles without the support and input from a source outside of the Black American community, if so, Why isn’t that source mention in their manifesto, nor anywhere else on the official black lives matter movement website?

I’m one Black American of many that prefer to know the identity of whom I am sharing a bed. What about you Black America?